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Dr. Al-Rabeeah Heads the Meeting of Directors of Health Affairs…and Honors the Director-General of Health Affairs in Jazan
22 October 2011
   The periodic meeting of directors of health affairs was held today morning at the MOH Headquarters, under the Minister's chairmanship. Addressing to the participants, Dr. Al-Rabeeah was quoted as saying: “Undoubtedly, there are many important issues concerning the MOH health sector to be tackled by you, being on top of this sector. And undoubtedly, this meeting will be of significant importance to many. Let's hope, Allah willing, our exchanges here will be brought into action in a way that serves our country and our civilians, as well as accomplish the aspirations of our prudent governors.”
Al-Rabeeah added that massive expansive and developmental projects are underway in the Ministry, and that the meeting seeks to maintain the best methods and approaches to bring such projects into being. It will also brief on the programs of medical supply and health kits, as well as following up what has been accomplished in this area, and how to keep pursuing the path of progress and development, with a view to bringing about all that ensures the citizen's well-being, safety and satisfaction. “Hopefully,” he said, “the implementation of such projects will be based upon teamwork and systematically institutional coordination, in addition to credible and constructive dialogue, and adopting the state-of-the-art findings and techniques, for the purpose of promoting health service in our beloved country.”
The Minister went on to say that the Ministry is paid close attention by the prudent Governors – May Allah protect them! – since health care is a top priority for the citizen. He called upon all the MOH staff to make every effort, in pursuit of making health care in our Kingdom take the lead of health care throughout the whole world. He also pointed out that the Ministry, proceeding from the National Project for Integrated Comprehensive Health Care, and all programs and plans included and implied in this project, seeks to make the MOH strategic plan come into effect; thereby attaining its targets in accordance with the resources at hand.
Dr. Al-Rabeeah, besides, honored the Director-General of Health Affairs in Jazan region, Dr. Mohsen Al-Tubaiqi, and expressed his appreciation for the peculiar efforts he has been exerting for the purpose of developing and improving health care in Jazan region.

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