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Media Information Center Takes Part in the "La'ali'" TV Show with Guiding Sessions
19 October 2011
Within the framework of the informative efforts exerted by the Ministry of Health to make known of the health services provided for pilgrims by the prudent government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques – May God protect him, and as part of the awareness plan aiming to maintain the pilgrims' health and well-being, the Media Information and Health Awareness Center presents, for the seventh year in a row, guiding and awareness sessions. These sessions are expected to come in the form of daily phone-calls with the "La'ali'" (Pearls) TV show, aired on the Saudi Cannel 1, at 2.30 pm. This step is of immense importance, inasmuch as the visual media is the most prevalent among all society segments.
Such phone-calls will be made by the Center's specialists, each of whom will tackle one aspect in an organized sequential manner; such that maintains the pilgrim's health and well-being.
The Center is keen to cover all the important aspects over the show episodes. For example, Dr. Amal bint Muawiyah Abu-Aljadayel, a pharmacis, Director of the Center, will be having, God willing, a phone-call with show on 21/11/1432H, in which she is going to address the Pilgrims' Health Service, launched by the Center every year for the purpose of providing proper answers for the inquiries of those wishing to perform Hajj, by calling this toll-free number: 8002494444, starting on Saturday 24/11/1432H.
Besides, she will give a brief on the services provided by the center generally, and the (Pilgrims' Health Program) particularly, as it covers the Hajj journey and all the health and medical issues related to it. Also, one of the points to be underscored is that the program should set to work early in this year, and the years to come, in an endeavor to unremittingly follow up of the pilgrim's health status, and to provide for him the basic information that enables him to be fully ready for the journey (in terms of the vaccinations and health requirements needed to protect the pilgrim from the potential health hazards), thereby maintaining health and security for his fellow pilgrims, as well as himself.
In a related context, on Saturday 24/11/1432H, the audience will be introduced with the most pressing Hajj issues. The first of these issues to be highlighted is that of the health and awareness guidelines the pilgrim should adhere to before performing the Hajj rites. Also, the issues relevant to packing medical bags and the health requirements needed will be taken into account, aside from the procedures and measures to be taken. As far as the issue of vaccination is concerned, the pharmacist Dr. Mervat Abdullah Barajaa will clarify what's needed to be done in this domain.
In addition, Dr. Albandari Saad Al-Bishi will be giving advice on how to control and evade the most common Hajj diseases, especially digestive, respiratory, skin and heart diseases. 
Thereafter, Dr. Abu-Aljadayel is going to give important awareness tips for women performing Hajj. Diabetes patients too will be provided with pivotal counsels by Dr. Munirah Al-Twaiher.
Moreover, Dr. Abu-Aljadayel will be shedding light on the prevention of food poisoning during Hajj. Whereas Dr. Al-Bishi will hint at the first aid necessary when performing the Hajj rites, and will also come across some information on shaving. As for the cleanliness of slaughtering the sacrifice (udhiyah), Mrs. Hawazin Al-Mansour will give some guidelines in this area.
It should be noted that the show will review the necessary tips and guidelines provided by the MOH Mobile service for pilgrims. Such tips will appear on the TV screen, along with the Media Information and Health Awareness Center toll-free number: 8002494444. Through this number, as well as the website:, we will be receiving the pilgrims' inquiries, as part of the (Pilgrims' Health Program).

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