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MOH Organizes 9 Training Courses for the Doctors Assigned to Work at the Health Centers Based in the Holy Sites
18 October 2011
The Ministry of Health has organized 9 training courses in all regions for the 350 doctors assigned to work at the health centers based in the Holy Sites. These courses address the proper procedures of preventing and curing common diseases during the Hajj season.
The Ministry, in so doing, seeks to provide for the pilgrims the best and fullest health services in concordance with the sound and effective scientific principles. Such courses are meant to improve the doctors' theoretical and practical level, so as to be able to address the common diseases among pilgrims, as well as refining their diagnostic skills when dealing with such diseases. In addition, the courses aim to make doctors knowledgeable of the state-of-the-art medical information concerning the Hajj diseases.
This was proclaimed by the Director-General of Health Centers, Head of the Technical Supervision of Health Centers in Holy Sites Committee, Dr. Issam bin Abdullah Al-Ghamdi. For the purpose of further explanation, Al-Ghamdi said that these courses are organized as part of the MOH preparations for this year's Hajj season, in compliance with His Excellency the Minister of Health's
directions that all that's relevant to the Hajj season has to be ready in due time, and that thorough attention should be paid to the improvement of the performance of workers at the health centers of the Holy Sites, in pursuit of providing the pilgrims with the best curative and preventive health services.
The first training course, Dr. Al-Ghamdi added, had been held in Al-Ahsa on 15/10/1432H, for two days. Following this course, other coursed have been held throughout the Kingdom's other provinces and health regions. However, the completion of these courses, as stated in the training plan, should be prior to the onset of the Hajj season, and before the doctors involved head for the health centers of the Holy Sites they are assigned to work at in the course of the Hajj season.
It is worth noting that the Ministry of Health has prepared a number of (141) health centers for this year's Hajj season, out of which (43) centers are based in the Holy City of Makkah, (80) centers in the Holy Sites, and (18) centers in Madinah. In the same context, a number of (12) health centers [category C], based in the Arafat, have been completely renovated.

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