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Al-Rabeeah Approves the Strategy of the National Committee of Psychiatric Patients
17 October 2011

​His Excellency, Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, has approved the Action Strategy of the National Committee for the Care of Psychiatric Patients, giving way to building more partnerships, by means of forming self-support groups out of volunteers and specialists. Such groups play a pivotal role in heightening awareness among patients, and their families, in the field of mental health.

Dr. Al-Rabeeah directed the Head of the Committee to organize the Psychological Counseling Forum during the middle of next year, and to make every effort to ensure that it will be a resounding success.

This took place during the third meeting of the Committee, held on Saturday under the Minister's chairmanship, at his office. The meeting discussed a mechanism for reinforcing the Committee's resources, and the efforts exerted with the aim to find an appropriate office to serve as its headquarters; thus helping it undertake its duty and attain the desired results and sought-after targets. Besides, the meeting gave account to the proposal of
forming self-support groups, and how their mechanism of action could look like. It also reviewed what had been accomplished with regard to the project of the Health Care and Rehabilitation Center.
For his Part, Dr. Al-Rabeeah directed that the propositions have to be completed and submitted in the next meeting of the Committee.
In the same context, the basic organizational structure of the Committee has been approved. Meanwhile, the secretariat of the Committee made presentations for the programs and activity, most notably specifying the Committee's theme and logo. Dr. Al-Rabeeah directed that this should be conducted through a competition, with a view to heightening the societal awareness of metal health issues.

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