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Minister of Health Opens the Diabetes Center at Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Hospital
11 October 2011
   On Tuesday morning, His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz Al Rabeeah, opened the Diabetes Center at Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Hospital in Riyadh, as part of the Ministry's plan to establish 20 diabetes centers in all regions and provinces of the Kingdom.
Just after his arrival, the ribbon cutting ceremony took place, remarking the beginning of providing health, curative and preventive care services for diabetics via this center.
Director General of Health Affairs in Riyadh, Dr. Adnan bin Sulaiman Al Abdulkarim stated that the center is a great addition to the health facilities system in Riyadh, contributing towards achieving a quantum leap in the level of curative services provided for diabetics, and promoting educational and preventive procedures and activities to reduce the incidence of this disease among the population of the region. In addition, Dr. Al Abdulkarim expressed his thanks to the Minister of Health for opening the Center, implementing the self-employment program there, and providing all medical equipments, support services and specialized staff of consultants, specialists, nurses and technicians.
Moreover, Dr. Al Abdulkarim has also expressed his thanks to the sons of the Center’s founder, Sheikh Abdul Malik bin Ibrahim Al Al-Sheikh, for establishing this medical project which embodies the social responsibility by supporting the government’s efforts, exerted to enhance healthcare services, improve their quality, and to increase the number of beneficiaries.
Dr. Al Abdulkarim mentioned that the center, which was operated on a trial bases since the beginning of this year, includes two clinics for diabetes, in addition to 20 specialized clinics for heart diseases, eyes disorders, kidney diseases, diabetic foot, skin diseases, male-specific diseases, urinary tract infections, gestational diabetes, diabetes in children, mental disorders, nutrition and health education for patients, in addition to several specialized supporting clinics, social service unit, patients relations unit, a laboratory equipped with the latest technologies to conduct all examinations and medical tests, a medical treatment hall, and a comprehensive pharmacy. It also includes documentation units, administration and finance affairs departments, and security and safety departments.
Besides, Dr. Abdulkarim pointed out that the Ministry of Health has supported the center with a selected medical staff; including 22 consultant and diabetic specialists, a comprehensive nursing group of 20 nurses (males and females), in addition to other technical and administrative cadres.
The center provides all types of treatment services for patients with diabetes (males and females) to control the symptoms of diabetes and follow-up associated diseases such as high blood pressure, excessive fat and eye diseases. in addition, the center is implementing treatment programs for patients with diabetes, especially children and pregnant women.
In the other hand, regarding health training and education, The Director General of Health Affairs in Riyadh clarified that the center is equipped to offer training courses and specialized educational activities to the workers in the field of diabetes care; the Center’s staff or other medical bodies and institutions. It’s also equipped to implement awareness and educational programs for patients.

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