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26 January 2011
​Minister of Health, Dr Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz AL Rabeeah, directed to start training courses for more than 12,000 employees in the Ministry Divan and Health Directorates across the Kingdom, based on the Ministry's comprehensive training plan for the year 1432 H. 35 departments will set more than 400 courses during this year   in different areas such as administrational, medical, educational specializations. In addition of media, training, support services and raising awareness training courses.
Minister of Health stated that this intensive training plan is considered part of the Ministry's current and future development plans to upgrade its employees' competencies since the Ministry covers more than 60% of health services in the Kingdom.
His Excellence also added that the Ministry is committed to enhance its employees performances based on the Council of Ministers resolution Num. 320, issued on 17/0/1430 H, which states on developing workforce to keep pace with the proposed changes through training courses, scholarships and hiring consultants specialized in subspecialties. 
On this occasion, Workforce Development Assistant Deputy Minister, Dr. Ali Bin Qasim Al Qahtani said that this project is part of the Workforce Development Assistance Agency liabilities. The Agency aims to increase abroad scholarships, support internal dispatches and develop new cooperation with local and global academic authorities in order to increase the Ministry's' employees opportunities in training and educational programs. 
Dr. Al Qahtani clarified that the Ministry is dedicated to develop its training centre. Therefore, a consulting committee for the centre was formed and consists of a number of representatives from Ministry's Assistance Agencies, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, Institution of Public Administration and King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consultative Studies in King Saud University. In addition of signing a contract with General Electric Healthcare. 
He also added that the Ministry provided 311 training courses and activities, which covered 14933 trainees last year. Such activities were inactivated based on studies related to the employees' situations in the Ministry. Currently, the Agency is performing studies on training needs for different job ranks in order to set training plans for the coming years.   
Moreover, the General Manager of Training and Scholarship General Directorate, Dr. Afaf Bin AL Twaigri, stated that the training centre is managed according to the Center's strategic developing plan, which is approved by the Minister of Health on 20/11/1430H, and included developing the training center to become as a referential centre for training and development in various areas of health care across the Kingdom.
Dr. Afaf Bin AL Twaigri has also confirmed that the centre is committed to signify training needs based on scientific studies, enhancing the Ministry's' employees competencies and developing training infrastructure through providing suitable locations for training centers in the Ministry and different areas.

In addition of equipping the training center with updated necessary equipments, skills and simulation specialized labs, online training equipment, online interactive conferences and cooperating with international academic and training sectors based on   mutual cooperation agreement. 

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