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Cancerous Tumors Treatment Using Proton Ion Therapy Research
23 January 2011
​Ministry of Health discussed cancerous tumors treatment by using proton and Ion therapy with the Japanese delegation in addition of training, exchanging expertise, providing medical equipments and medicine on Wednesday (15-2-1423H).

The Japanese delegation, headed by Senior Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, Mr. Teruhiko Mashiko, viewed the establishing of specialized centers in curing tumors by protons and ion therapy which is considered a great achievement in such field.

The Ministry of Health Planning and Development Deputy, Dr. Mohammad bin Hamza Khusheim, stressed on the Ministry's strategy in serving patients and achieving citizens health needs in order to receive advanced treatment by the Kingdom of Humanity.

Head of Neurology Researches Institution in South of Tohoku, Mr. Kazuo Watanabe, viewed Proton and Ion technique in curing cancer patients. This new treatment technology delivers high doses of radiation to the tumor without affecting the surrounding tissue through providing accurate information which determines the required dosage of radiation precisely.

Moreover, Mr. Kazuo Watanabe clarified that Proton and Ion treatment differs from other traditional radiation treatment (Gamma Radiation) which delivers Protonated Ions accurately to the affected cells based on their size and depth without damaging other tissues surrounding the tumor. 20% of patients which are in need of radiation therapy can be cured by Proton treatment.

He also added that 45% of Cancer patients need radiation therapy, where 20% of them can be cured by Proton treatment which is considered the best in such area, in spite of the latest development in radiation therapy where radiation side effects has been reduced. He also clarified that there is no studies refers to the success of such technique, in addition of global centers are competing to purchase this therapy technique and only provided in five countries.

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