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Dr. Memish Opened 2nd Scientific HIV Conference Events
11 January 2011
​Assistant Deputy Minister for Preventive Medicine, Dr. Ziad Memish assured that while participating in the events of the Scientific HIV Conference, we all realize that this disease has become a dangerous international challenge that must be faced. All possible efforts must be made to spread knowledge and awareness, enhance preventative and curative chances to the whole community in addition to focus on providing appropriate and high quality medical care through a cooperation among all health sectors workers, which will contribute in controlling HIV complications and deaths.
Dr. Memish indicated that this national program is fully supported by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. That’s is by providing free diagnosis and treatment in addition to a continuous supply of medications and diagnosing equipments. He assured that all patients can visit the nearest health center or hospital for a free check up.

That is via a health services network of MOH health facilities all over the Kingdom, which includes more than 2000 health centers, 240 general hospitals and HIV testing and consultation centers in addition to a HIV specialized laboratory network. That is including to the cooperation between public and private sector hospitals participating in this national program.
Moreover, he clarified that after years of implementing this important national program we developed sound methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The aim of this conference is to stress the importance of enhancing prevention methods in health facilities especially among technical categories in the field of providing health care, in addition to the importance of activating HIV health awareness programs and testing and consultation centers all over the Kingdom.

That is in addition to reaching all HIV infected patients and make sure that they are benefiting from the health services.
This was mentioned this morning during the HIV Scientific Conference at Marriott hotel in Riyadh, that was attended by a number of Saudi and foreign officials, specialists and lecturers. National AIDS Program Manager, Organizing Committee Chairman, Dr. Sanaa M. Filemban highlighted in this occasion the importance of everyone's commitment in cooperating and participating in fighting this disease and supporting the patients.
Afterward, Dr. Memish honored the conference lecturers and the sponsors. On the other hand, Dr. Filemban presented an honorary shield to the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah for his support to HIV programs and activities, accepting on his behalf Dr. Memish.

The conference program includes many aspects related to the preventative and clinical fields that are related to patients in addition to fighting the disease. Nevertheless, this conference is organized by the National AIDS Program in Deputy Minister for Preventive Medicine on 8-9/1/2011.

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