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Deputy Minister for Preventive Medicine Organize the 2nd HIV Medical Conference
​On the occasion of World AIDS Day, Deputy Minister for Preventive Medicine organized the Second HIV Medical Conference on the 8-9 January 2011 at Marriott hotel in Riyadh. Many doctors and HIV specialists from Saudi Arabia and other countries like the United States, WHO Regional Office in Cairo, American University of Beirut and AIDS Control Organization in Beirut will attend and participate in the conference.
National AIDS Program Manager, Organizing Committee Chairman, Dr. Sanaa M. Filemban stated that many new medical topics will be discussed during the conference. The topics will be about HIV, advanced treatment and the difference between it and former medications, and other important topics related to preventing mother-to-child transmission, the control of transmission through contaminated injections, the relationship between sexually transmitted diseases and HIV acquisition, in addition to the importance of including HIV services within Initial Health Care in order to detect the HIV acquisition early.
Dr. Filemban added that the conference will also discuss the updates of HIV infection in children, HIV advanced treatments, choosing the right treatment of HIV to treat new cases and cases that didn't respond to treatment due to the virus allergic reaction, conducting appropriate medical tests to determine viral load and the immunity level in the body.

That is in addition to psychological and neurological cases associated with HIV and how to deal with them, causes of opportunistic infections that accompany HIV infection which might contribute greatly in deteriorating the health status if not treated appropriately.
Moreover, she indicated that WHO latest plan regarding drug treatment for HIV will be discussed in addition to highlighting the points that must be taken into consideration when conducting some field and medical studies to determine which behaviors increase the chances of getting HIV.  

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