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The King Thanks the Minister of Granting 21 CBAHI Hospitals
28 August 2010
The Custodian of the Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, communicates his thanks to the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah and Ministry's staff where 21 hospitals won CBAHI Certificate.
King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz wrote in his thanks letter: "we would like to communicate our thanks and recognition to your Excellence and all Ministry's staff for this great achievements and efforts in upgrading health services for the citizens and residents in the Kingdom."
Minister of Health, HE Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rabeeah, expressed his gratitude and thanks to his Highness, pointing out the received support from the Government and confirming on the Ministry dedication to exceed our leadership and people expectations.
Moreover, Minister of Health has dispatched a letter to the King pointing out that 21 governmental hospitals won CBAHI certificate. These Hospitals were subjected for more than 881 international standards including all provided health services. These procedures include developing health practitioners' levels, nursing quality services and patients' rights. In addition of operation, ER, sterilization and x-rays rooms. Also pregnancy and birth clinics, infection control, Anesthesia, Intensive Care procedures and medical reports. All these were subjected to 881 international health standards such as JCI, CCHA and ACHSI, which determines health quality levels.
His Excellence added that these hospitals (such as King Fahd Specialist Hospital- Dammam and Al Babtain Medical Centre) were the first to win CBAHI certificates but won't be the only according to the Ministry's strategic plan, which will be implemented during the coming 5 years. CBAHI, JCI, CCHA and ACHSI are independent and non-profit comities which aim to upgrade health care services quality and safety around the world. 
His excellence pointed out that the Ministry of Health instructions, regarding health quality standards in hospitals are been handled as a strategic plan for the Ministry, where a lot of sections will be evaluated as patients rights, Laboratories, pharmacies, facilities safety, infection control and chemical storage, in order to upgrade service quality and prevent medical mistakes. Recently, 8 hospitals are being subjected to American Hospitals Committee evaluation and 60 hospitals will be evaluated next year. The Ministry adopted the idea of subjecting its laboratories to the American College for Pathology Evaluation which consists of 3000 standards. In addition of evaluating blood banks by the American Association.      
Dr. Al Rabeeah clarified that all Saudi hospitals are following special rules and regulations for every curative procedure. In addition of a comprehensive system for observing doctors performance and their surgical results, and reviewing their certifications, professional and practical experiences. Nowadays, Hospitals obtain international performance system such as infected surgeries rates, which accurse after performing surgeries, and virus transmission due to blood transfusion.
Dr. Al Rabeeah confirmed that these achievements wouldn’t be a reality without Allah's blessing, then our leadership's guidance and continuous dedication to provide high quality health services to citizens and residents.

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