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Ministry of Health Allocates a Toll-Free Number (8002494444) to Answer Health Queries
22 August 2010
As part of the Ministry of Health dedication and commitment to provide high quality health services to people during Ramadan, the Ministry allocated a toll free Num. (800 249 4444) to answer people's health and medical queries by specialist consultants, from Saturday to Wednesday 10 am to 3 pm.
Information and Health Awareness Centre in the Ministry has launched "Hello Ramadan" Health Program for the 6th year in a raw. This program will host a number of leading consultants in different health areas to answer people's inquiries about Ramadan fasting. In addition of sending health information SMS in order to spread health awareness among people.
Moreover, Information and Health Awareness Centre also lunched "Patient's Clinic" program with the cooperation of General Program Broadcast, as part of Ramadan's daily programs. This one hour program starts from 3:30 pm and answers people's queries about Ramadan fasting daily through the program toll 014033333, where a number of leading consultants from different medical areas will be available to answer these questions on phone.
The ministry has also implemented a program for the distribution of helth calanders in Ramadan, which included the distribution of more than half a million Ramadan calanders,including tips and various medical and helth for segments of society.
The Ministry also launched a specialized site of medical and health awareness (e-clinic). This service will be provided through clicking on the link in the Ministry's website, in addition of viewing consultant's information table and health awareness articles. As part of the Ministry of Health commitment to serve people and reaches their satisfaction, these health programs and services proves the Ministry's continuous efforts in providing high technical services in order to spread and enhance health awareness. 

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