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Dr. Al Rabeeah: Wide Integrated Range of Services Provided for Makkah and Medina Visitors in Ramadan
11 August 2010
Due to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud instructions to increase the provided efforts of curative and preventive services for the two Holy Mosques visitors during Ramadan, The Minister of Health, HE Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rabeeah, confirmed that Health Facilities are prepared to provide high quality services based on an approved special health plan, in order to present an integrated range of curative and preventive programs.
Makkah's Health Affairs established a number of health and first Aids centers in the Holy Mosque and external squares. In addition of hospitals and Health Centers with the support of Jeddah and AL Taif Provinces.   
This Health Plan, implemented during this year, includes establishing a new Health Centre in the 2nd floor of the Holy Mosque. This Health Centre will be the 5th one and operates 24 hours during Ramadan.      
Makkah's Health Affairs clarified that it established a 5th First Aids Centre in the Holy Mosque square, which receives emergencies cases resulted from overcrowding. This centre is located behind Makkah's Reconstruction Project, Al Shebikah, Al Marwa, and Mouled Al Nabi. In addition of 29 permanent centers.     
Emergencies plan concentrate on air, land and marine ports. It also activates preventative medical plans for Ramadan through implementing health requirements and performs medical examinations on arrivals from affected countries.
Moreover, Medina's General Directorate for Health Affairs stated that Bab Jebril Centre is prepared for Ramadan Season, in addition of Health Supervision Centers in Prince Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz Airport, Prince Abdul Mohsin Bin Abdul Aziz Airport and Yonbou Trade Harbor.  In addition of Permanent Health Centers in pilgrims residency areas such as Ohud, Ijabah, Byah, Bab Al Mejydi, Al Awali and AL Ansar. As for hospitals concerns of Ramadan emergencies cases, these hospitals includes King Fahd Hospital, Ohoud Hospital, Al Ansar Hospital, Al Miqat General Hospital, Khyber Hospital, Yonbou General Hospital, Khaibar Hospital, Al Hanakyah Hospital and Hemnah Hospital.               
Medina's General Directorate for Health Affairs added: "all arrivals will enter through entrance ports. Preventative procedures will be applied, such as giving Tetract-HIB injections for Meningitis especially for the arrivals from African Built Countries. In addition of monitoring and observing all epidemic and contagious diseases along with applying the necessary actions. 

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