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Ministry of Health hires High Experienced Jordanian Doctors and Consultants in North Region
01 August 2010
As part of the Ministry's dedication and commitment to provide high quality of health care services to all citizens and residents, consultants with high experience were hired in a number of rare and critical medical fields to work in the kingdom's hospitals.
The Ministry of Health signed a contract with high qualified consultants based on the Temporary Medical Support Program. Needed procedures were done in coordination with the Jordanian Ministry of Health regarding the second part time contract with high qualified Jordanian consultants (25 consultant), which will work in border areas hospitals between the two countries (Al Grayat General Hospital, Prince Abdul Ruhman Al Sudairy- Skaka, Tabrgel Hospital, Arar Hospital, King Khaled Hospital- Tabouk, Ped. and Obs. Hospital- Al Jouf, Tariff Hospital). 
Deputy Minister Assistance, Dr. Ageel Al Ghamdi, clarified that these high qualified Jordanian Consultants are specialized in critical and rare medical fields (Nephrology, Urology, Orthopedic, Plastic Surgery, Anesthesia, ER, Internal, Obs. Gyn., Ophthalmology, Ped. Cardiology, ENT, Endocrinology, Gastrology and Liver Diseases, Radiology, ER). Consultants were allocated according to their medical specialties and people needs in that area based on an analytical study which aims to support hospitals in these areas.             
Tabouk, Al Jouf, Northern Boarders and AL Geryat Health Affairs General Directorates coordinated with designated people in these targeted areas to benefit from their medical experiences and enhance work through workshops and educational lectures performed by these contracted doctors.  
Ministry of Health stated that they are still coordinating with the Jordanian Ministry of Health to bring more consultants in order to fulfill health needs in these areas and will be distributed based on the Minister's instructions. 

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