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21 Hospitals Won CBAHI Certificate
01 August 2010
For the first time, Ministry of Health celebrates the granting of CBAHI certificate to 21 governmental hospitals. As part of the Ministry's dedication to provide high quality of health services to all citizens and residents in the Kingdom, these Hospitals were subjected for more than 881 international standards included all provided health services.
The Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah, added that these hospitals (such as King Fahd Specialist Hospital- Dammam and Al Babtain Medical Centre) were the first to win CBAHI certificates but won't be the only according to the Ministry's strategic plan, which will be implemented during the coming 5 years. Planning and Development Deputy Minister, Dr. Mohammed Bin Hamza Khoshim, announced the names of the hospitals as followed: (Hera Hospital- Makkah, King Fahd Hospital- Baha, Aseer Central Hospital, King Abdul Aziz Specialist Hospital- Taif, King Fahd Hospital- Najran, King Fahd General Hospital- Jeddah, King Abdul Aziz Hospital and Researches Centre- Jeddah, King Saud Medical Compound- Riyadh, Saud Al Babtain Medical Centre, King Saud Hospital- Al Qasim, King Fahd Hospital- Hafouf, Iman General Hospital- Riyadh, Children Hospital- Dammam, King Khaled Hospital- Hail, Birth and Child Hospital- Jeddah, AL Yamamah Hospital- Riyadh, King Abdul Aziz Hospital- Makkah, King Fahd Central Hospital- Jazan, King Fahd Specialist Hospital- Qasim, Prince Sulman Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital- Riyadh, Khamis Mushait General Hospital).
Planning and Development Deputy Minister confirmed that the preparation procedures for this evaluation lasted for more than a year which includes upgrading professional and administrative systems, patient safety procedures in all fields (especially in ER rooms and receptions), mobile health services, technical levels and treatment methods. In addition of doctors, nurses, administration and health professional levels.
These procedures also included developing health practitioners' levels, nursing quality services and patients' rights. In addition of operation, ER, sterilization and x-rays rooms. Also pregnancy and birth clinics, infection control, Anesthesia, Intensive Care procedures and medical reports. All these were subjected to 881 international health standards such as JCI, CCHA and ACHSI, which determines health quality levels.
Dr. Mohammed Bin Hamza Khoshim pointed out that evaluation team consisted of 7 high experienced members nominated by the CBAHI: Team Leader, Doctor, Nurse, laboratories Specialist, Pharmacy Specialist, Facilities Security and Safety Specialist and Infection Control Specialist. The average of evaluation period is ranging between 3-4 days depending on the size and the covered area by this health services provided by the hospital.
He added that the Minister of Health instructions, regarding health quality standards in hospitals are been handled as a strategic plan for the Ministry, where health quality standards and patient's safety cannot be separated.
Therefore, health services quality and patient's safety are the main concern in most of countries. As a result, the Ministry of Health developed a strategic plan based on the Minister's guidance, Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah, where all hospitals must compliant to international health quality standards in order to enhance health services and reduce medical mistakes, since 60 hospitals will be evaluated next year. CBAHI, JCI, CCHA and ACHSI are independent and non-profit comities which aim to upgrade health care services quality and safety around the world.
Hera Hospital
AL Baha
King Fahd Hospital
Aseer Central Hospital
King Abdul Aziz Specialist Hospital
King Fahd Hospital
King Fahd General Hospital
King Abdul Aziz Hospital and Researches Center
King Saud Medical Compound
Eastern Region
Saud Al Babtain Centre
King Saud Hospital
King Fahd Hospital
Iman General Hospital
Children Hospital
King Khaled Hospital
Birth and Child Hospital
Al Yamamah Hospital
King Abdul Aziz Hospital
King Fahd Central Hospital
King Fahd Specialist Hospital
Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital
Kamis Mushait
Kamis Mushait General Hospital

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