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Saudi Nurses Amazing Participation
21 July 2010
The Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah, Head of the Medical and Surgical Team for the Iraqi conjoined twins' separation surgery- Zainab and Ruqayah, which took place in King Abdul Aziz Medical City, National Guard Health Affairs – Riyadh, stated that the  participation of Saudi Nurses in the operation is considered a sort of  proud to the country.
Dr. Al Rabeeah added: "Saudi nurses participated amazingly in a complicated surgery. This participation considered as an invitation for national staff to join nursing, especially females, and that is due to lack of university and operation specializations."         
Mesloha Al Shareef, a nurse from King Abdul Aziz Hospital and Tumors Centre- Jeddah, has participated in the surgery and expressed her pleasure and gratitude for giving her the chance to participate in this critical surgery which is considered a   medical achievement.    
Nurse Mesloha said: "I would like to communicate my thanks to the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah, for giving me this opportunity to participate in such surgery, which I consider this personal experience the first of its kind and a good start for my professional profile."       
She added: "I was touched when I saw the picture of the conjoined twin, Heba and Samah, for the first time in Ramadan 1416. Since then, I've become interested in such surgeries which were viewed on air. I was watching the surgeries full of mixed feelings of joy, fear, amazement and hope. Ever since, participating in these surgeries became a dream to me. 

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