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Minister chairs first meeting of the Executive Board
18 July 2010
As an initiative to ensure credibility and enhance team work,
the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Rabeeah held the Executive Board first meeting at the Ministry of Health. 
During the meeting, they discussed the proposal budget project for the fiscal year 1431-1432 H, Saher Traffic System awareness and health procedures and activities, Quality Committee reports of areas departments' performance and hospitals credence, which reduces medical mistakes and upgrade performance levels. In addition, the Board discussed the importance of reaching patient satisfaction and safety.
The Minister's councilor, General Secretary of Boards and Executive Committees, Dr. Hisham Nadherh declared that Executive Board work are resulted from the latest procedures performed by the Ministry  to improve their services, strengthen their relations with patients and work on patients complaints. These procedures aim to provide high quality of health services, insures the implementation of quality standards, upgrade medical performance and consolidate methods of scientific institutional group work, in addition of achieving complimentarily and objectivity principles at work in line with rapid international changes especially in health areas.   
The Board aims to implement high quality services in the Ministry in a practical and scientific manner. This reflects on the upgraded provided services. 
The Executive Board members are: Executive Affairs Undersecretary, Developing and Planning Undersecretary, Public Administration of Internal Observation General Supervisor, Planning and Researches Assistant Deputy Minister, Therapeutic Medicine Assistant Deputy Minister, Preventative Medicine Assistant Deputy Minister, Workforce Development Assistant Deputy Minister, Laboratories and Blood Banks Assistant Deputy Minister, General Supervisor for Medical Supplies Department Assistant Deputy Minister, Financial and Administrative Affairs General Manager,  Legal Department General Manger, Engineering Affairs  and Projects  General Supervisor, Self Employment Department General Supervisor and Licenses General Manager.        
The Board is committed to set rules and operational procedures to provide health services related to Ministry of Health according to the rules and regulations of health system such as: 1-health strategies commitment to provide, develop and distribute health services to all people. 2- Setting Rules and procedures for patients' rights. 3- Controlling drug descriptions and ensuring their availability for patients. 4- Equal distribution in hospitals, health centers and beds number in different areas according to the Ministry budget and instructions. 5- Health requirements in all areas according to health facilities number, population, geographical conditions and financial requirements. 6- Set quality standards for health services. 7- Workforce training programs for health sectors. 8- Establish medical and pharmaceutical researches. In addition of other related projects.      

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