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Hajj Medical Missions Heads Praise Hajj Health Services
08 December 2010
Heads of Hajj medical missions from Arab and Islamic countries have expressed their gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Ministry of Health for the distinguished services provided to pilgrims in such a professional way.
Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Head of the Egyptian Hajj Mission, Dr. Hani Hilal expressed his gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for the distinguished health care provided to pilgrims.
The Head of UAE Hajj Medical Mission, Dr. Abdul Kareem Al-Zarooni praised His Highness and the Ministry unlimited support provided to the medical missions for both Arab and Islamic worlds medical missions in addition to health services provided to pilgrims.
The Head of the Tunisia Hajj Medical Mission and Head of Surgery Department of Tunis Military Hospital Dr. Mohammed Soussi expressed his gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Crown Prince, the Minister of Health and all health sectors officers, practitioners and technicians for all their efforts and management, which made the Kingdom a role model to follow. He added that it was a pleasure for him to participate in the Tunisia Hajj Medical Mission for 6 times since 1993, where he witnessed the huge developments in the health sector in the Kingdom.
Dr. Soussi clarified that new health facilities available now in Makkah and Holy places are considered one of the most sophisticated facilities in the world in addition to the administrative staff that have great work ethics in dealing with pilgrims and providing them with a high level health care since they arrive to the emergency room till they leave the hospital. This shows the government care toward providing the best health services to pilgrims. In addition, he praised the Saudi Red Crescent, its medically equipped ambulances and great staff.
The Head of the Turkish Hajj Mission Dr. Elias Serenely expressed his great gratitude to the Saudi government for the impressive health services provided to the pilgrims. He has also congratulated the Ministry of Health on its remarkable efforts in providing services to pilgrims especially Turkish pilgrims in those difficult conditions and massive crowds. In addition, he expressed his appreciation for the Ministry's cooperation with the mission especially in admitting all critical cases into hospitals, where many of the pilgrims were old. He also appreciated the distinguished pilgrims' portals preparations.     
Moreover, Head of South African Hajj Medical Mission Dr. Mohammed Akeel thanked the Saudi government and the Ministry of Health on providing remarkable health services on an international level to pilgrims and providing the portals with qualified medical staff capable of communicating with pilgrims in different languages.
Head of the Malaysian Medical Mission, Dr.Rony Bozam AbdulMalik mentioned that the services provided in Makkah or in the Holy places were excellent and that hospitalizing patient procedures were easy in addition to security men who contributed in transferring patients to hospitals by ambulances on the right time. 
In addition, Head of Yemeni Hajj Medical Mission, Dr. Naser Muhsin BaAdem clarified that his country appreciates the Kingdom's efforts especially ones related to health services. He added that it was his pleasure visiting Al Noor Hospital Makkah with his colleagues and participating in the consultative meeting of Hajj medical missions, organized by health affairs administration in Makkah to coordinate the efforts of missions and Saudi heath departments regarding providing health services. 

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