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Developmental Plan for Comprehensive Implementation of Quality System in MOH Laboratories
06 December 2010
General Director of Blood Banks and Laboratories, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Omar, revealed that there is a developmental plan for comprehensive implementation of quality system in MOH laboratories.
Dr. Al Omar stated today morning at Tulip inn during the opening of the comprehensive quality in medical laboratories course that the developmental plan for comprehensive implementation of quality system will be the core of including Ministry laboratories in the international accreditation programs of medical laboratories like CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program. That is after getting the accreditation of the Central Council for Health Facilities Accreditation.
He added that General Directory of Blood Banks and Laboratories has noticed an improvement in the quality concept and a high competitiveness level among the program's laboratories, that is through training programs and external quality programs (standard samples test). This indicates the obvious concern in implementing quality principle in medical laboratories through the Ministry strategy concerned in the importance of comprehensive implementation of quality system to provide the best health service for citizens.
Moreover, Dr. Al Omar notified that the idea and goals of the course symbolize in organizing training courses for all of the activities in laboratories, blood banks and poison centers, specially activates concern quality concepts and implementations. Comprehensive quality in medical laboratories course is organized by General Directorate for Training and Scholarship and Directorate of Labs and blood banks during the period of 28-30/12/1431 at Tulip inn with the participation of 30 trainees from all over the Kingdom.

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