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Dr. AL Rabeeah: Laboratory Testing Device Diagnosis 10000 Viruses
09 November 2010
Under the directions of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, of providing the best health services to the pilgrims in addition to MOH efforts to maintain the pilgrims' health and safety; Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz AL Rabeeah, stated that this Hajj season will be the first in the Middle East to implement advanced diagnosing and treating services by having a laboratory testing device which examine 10 thousands viruses.
The device examines microbes, viruses and funguses as well as clarifying the genetic formation of the viruses. Dr. AL Rabeeah notified that MOH asked 135 consultants in different fields to participate in providing specialized health services to the pilgrims and 24-hour cardiac catheterization and dialysis units. He added that the Ministry has implemented a number of new and developmental projects in various Hajj locations especially in the holy places that contain millions of pilgrims in a limited area. 
The Ministry of Health Planning and Development Deputy, Hajj Preparation Committee Chief, Dr. Mohammad bin Hamza Khusheim, has clarified that the developmental projects this year includes establishing a new emergency facility in Hera General Hospital with capacity of 55 beds at a total cost of 11 million SR and its intensive care unit, replacing the infra structure of Noor Specialized Hospital at a total cost of 120 million and develop and prepare its operation rooms at a total cost of 40 million, opening a daily treatment unit in King Abdul Aziz Hospital with capacity of 26 beds at a total cost of 6 million SR. On the other hand, the implemented health projects in the holy places this year included replacing and establishing primary health care directorate facility at Arafat and other health care facilities at a total cost of 3 million SR.
Moreover, Dr. Khusheim stated that the amount of the Ministry's health care facilities is about 24 hospitals; 7 hospitals in Makkah, 10 hospitals in Madina, 4 hospitals in Mina and 3 hospitals in Arafat with a total capacity of 4005 beds. 
In addition, all 144 health care centers located at Makkah, Madina and the holy places are prepared and equipped for Hajj season. 127 hospitals of them are located at Makkah and the holy places; 31 center in Makkah, 28 centers in Mina, 6 centers in Muzdalifa and 16 centers in al Jamarat. In addition to the 5 health care centers in the Holy Mosque and the 5 ones in the Holy Mosque site. That is in addition to the 45 health care centers out side Makkah, and the health care centers at pilgrims' guidance centers in Makkah-Jeddah road and Makkah-Madina road. As well as the 5 seasonal health care centers in the parking lots at Makkah's entrances and 17  health care centers at Madina, where 5 of them are located in the central area around the Holy Mosque there.  

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