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Dr. Al Hawasi: Program Beneficiaries are Over 5000 Patients
29 November 2010
Ministry of Health Home Health Care Program beneficiaries from all over the Kingdom are over 5000 patients; that is an equivalent of building 10 hospitals with a capacity of 500 beds.This was stated by the Executive Affairs Deputy Minister, Dr. Mansour Al Hawasi today during the opening of the training course for Home Health Care Programs managers. He added that according to the directions of the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz AL Rabeeah and the Ministry objectives aiming to serve patients and please them; 80 vehicles were added to the program kingdom-wide.
Dr. Al Hawasi, pointed out that the Ministry is working on evaluating health programs' activities. This evaluation includes Home Health Care Program and other programs. In addition he called Home Health Care Program officials for more effort in educating the community about Home Health Care by providing a distinguished and high quality services to patients in their locations.
On the other hand, Home Health Care Program General Supervisor, Dr. Nasser Al Hezaim, mentioned that Home Health Care Program or Domestic Medicine Program, which is the new title of the program accredited by the Minister recently. This program has become the Ministry's most important developed programs due to the various advantages of its out comes.
Moreover, he added that we are discussing and reviewing the program's activities and updating our information about work mechanisms and out comes. While the program's administration setting, reviewing and updating the work system, tasks and mechanisms of the work after accrediting the formation and choosing coordinators and medical teams , then train them by enrolling them into courses and workshops that are accredited by Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. The program has developed greatly since its establishment on Rabi' al-awwal last year, where it provided its services all over the kingdom.

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