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24 November 2010
It was spread in the media and some websites that according to an anonymous official at the Ministry of Health; the Ministry has implemented a decision that allows all citizens to open dispensaries and pharmacies within few weeks, aiming to stop doctors and pharmacists from selling their names to others in order to establish these facilities .In addition, this decision doesn't require hiring Saudi doctors or pharmacists to run these facilities…and other false statements.
On the other hand, the Ministry assured that the previous statements are false. Private health facilities ownership follows the private health facilities regulation mentioned in the royal decree no. (40/m) on 3/11/1423. And any modification of any article must be subjected to statutory procedures where the matter is discussed by panel of experts then the Shura Council then the Council of Ministers and finally obtains the royal approval. The Ministry has filed a modification of the second article of the same regulation related to private health facilities ownership but it's still under discussion. Moreover, no new dispensaries have been established since the issuing of this regulation, where this title was cancelled and replaced with General Medical Complex.
The rest of the dispensaries are subject to a time limit to change its status and follow the provisions of this regulation and its executive list.
While pharmacies ownership follows the pharmaceutical facilities and products regulation mentioned in the royal decree no. (31/m) on 1/6/1425. And any modification of the facility must be subjected to statutory procedures mentioned previously.
According to what has been indicated, the Ministry still follows the pointed out regulations, unless any modification of any of the article is issued. The Ministry also advises to ignore such unknown statements and to make sure of it by asking specialized departments in the Ministry. 

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