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MOH Assures pilgrims About The Health Status
11 November 2010
Ministry of Health assured that all pilgrims are in good health and that the health situation is stable, where all ambulatory, therapeutic, preventative health services have been provided for them as they have entered the Kingdom through air, land and sea portals till they reached their residency places at Makkah and Madina.
The Ministry clarified that within the epidemiological survey conducted by the Ministry to monitor the health situation among pilgrims, and the transparency in dealing with the media, the Ministry announced finding 2 A (H1N1) cases; a 26 European and a 52 Asian female pilgrims, who were sick since they were home then diagnosed as soon as they've arrived and treated properly, the first case is cured now but the other one is still at the hospital in a stable condition.
Moreover, the Ministry announced finding a cholera case of a 41 African pilgrim that showed the symptoms after arriving to the Kingdom immediately. He was treated then added to the epidemiological survey in addition to a preventative medication given to people around him. The Ministry has taken all preventative measurements to control diseases, where it monitor the health condition according to the National Scientific Committee for Infectious Diseases measurements and MOH recommendations.
According to the Ministry, all pilgrims should follow health habits and stick to the ministry's medical advices and recommendations to protect their health and avoid getting sick. 

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