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Dr.BaDawood: Jeddah Health Affairs Ready for Pilgrims
11 November 2010
Jeddah Health Affairs director, Dr. Sami Mohammed BaDawood, clarified that Jeddah Health Affairs Directorate has equipped and prepared all health facilities and ready to take in pilgrims, in addition to recruiting technicians, administrators and doctors reaching 587 employee in health control center at King Abdul Aziz Airport, and 140 in health control center at Jeddah Islamic     Port. Those health facilities work 24 hours. The employees there implement all health requirements for pilgrims to assure that they are healthy and don't suffer from any epidemic diseases.
That is by viewing the international certifications and making sure that it meets all health conditions in addition to provide preventative medications such as vaccines and serums ,and fully health care to pilgrims  as well as referring cases to be hospitalized in Jeddah.
Dr. BaDawood added that all services are provided for pilgrims 24 hours paying attention to preventative aspects; making sure that the pilgrim has had meningitis vaccine, cholera vaccine, poliomyelitis vaccine, yellow fever vaccine and dengue fever vaccine. In addition to focusing on activates and programs of health awareness and education to educate pilgrims.
Moreover, he stressed that the Kingdom is lucky to have the opportunity to serve pilgrims and provide them with all needed health, preventative and therapeutically services.  

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