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10 Health Centers Available 24 Hours Serving Pilgrims in Taif Roads
11 November 2010
At the beginning of Thul Hija, Health Affairs Department launched a plan to serve pilgrims while they cross the district's roads. The plan is carried out by 3 thousand doctors, technicians and administrators. It focuses on enhancing all health facilities and operating 10 health centers on roads used by pilgrims all the time.
Moreover, 4 Emergencies centers are on Riyadh-Taif; Zolm health centre, Radwan health center, Al Ateef health center and Al Mataar health center, in addition to Mweehe General Hospital. As well as 3 other centers are on south road; Quiah health center, Shagsaan health center and Al Serr health center. While on Al Sail road there are two centers; Al Meequat health center and Al Sail health centre. In addition to Al Meequat center in Moharam valley on Al-Hada road. It was decided to operate 3 health centers within the district until midnight; a health centre in the center of the city, a health center at the east Al Hawiyah and Al Salama health centre. Despite of that, All health centers and hospitals will perform as usual to serve citizens and pilgrims.
Al-Taif seasonal health plan includes providing emergency departments in hospitals with their needs of equipments and workforce to face any crowdedness. In addition, all governmental and private hospitals have to prepare mobile emergency units around the clock to respond to emergency calls and go there at any time. As well as field units that was decided to be at different roads on 6-7-8-9 of Thul Hija in order to provide ambulatory services to pilgrims at all times, specially on the roads suffering from traffic jam like Riyadh road and Al Sail road. While on 12-13 of Thul Hija, the units will deal with the return of pilgrims to their homes. 24 Hour-Health centers are provided with ambulances to refer patients to hospitals or deal with field incidents at all times.
Moreover, all health facilities and ambulances in Taif health department are wirelessly connected to the operations room for communication and passing reports. On the other hand, the operation room is linked to other sectors' operations room such as the Civil Defense, Red Crescent, Road Safety, Airport operations and Makkah health department in order to receive reports and coordinate among ambulatory, traffic and security sectors. 

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