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Saudi People Receives Medical Treatment in Malaysia and Singapore
09 October 2010
Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rabeeah, announced providing medical treatment for Saudi people in Malaysia and Singapore. This is considered a new initiative aims to present the best medical and clinical services for patients by high quality medical centers.   
This announcement came in a press conference held after signing an international agreement between HCA and Park Way Special Hospitals in Singapore.  
His Excellence described that these two agreements are very important which is considered a quantum leap in providing treatment for Saudi people abroad until their arrival to their country officially.  
The Minister revealed that this initiative will reduce 40% from some abroad treatment costs and thus achieve optimum utilization of resources and access to high-quality treatment with a suitable cost.
His Excellence pointed out that these two agreements states on providing exchange of experiences in medical and nursing staff and brought to the Kingdom for temporarily work based on Visiting Doctor Project and serving some hospitals, especially distant areas hospitals. In addition of developing the Ministry's lately launched programs such as Home Health Care Program, One Day Surgery Program and the Ministry's Health Administration. 
On the other hand, Medical Organizations and Abroad Health Offices General Manager, Dr. Khaled AL Husain, said that the Ministry has a new strategy plan for sending any patient abroad based on choosing international high quality medical centers.  
Dr. Khaled added that HCA owns 6 hospitals and a number of health facilities specialized in serving patients and provides curative and diagnostic services for spinal, cell stems and organs transplantations. In addition of performing different tumor surgeries, presenting administrational services, providing transportation and translation services to patients and their families. He also pointed out that Park Way Specialized Hospitals owns 13 hospitals in Singapore and other Asian Countries, which provides health care services based on international standards.

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