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Minister of Health: E-Health is a Strategic Goal to be Accomplished
31 October 2010
Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz AL Rabeeah, stated that the Ministry's plan to have an e-health file available at all health care provider is going in the right direction. According to international experiences, this step is a long term process where the Ministry will develop the infrastructure, provide and train appropriate workforce. Then it will publish different e-health systems.
This was within press statements made after attending a workshop yesterday, which was held in the Ministry of Health. The e-health project was presented in the workshop to Health Affairs officials in all provinces and IT managers. The aim was to have their opinions and suggestions about the e-health national strategy.  
Dr. AL Rabeeah considered the e-health as a strategic goal that the Ministry seeks to accomplish, and to increase the availability of health services, reduce it costs and improve its quality. He clarified that this project is the biggest in the Middle East and Africa.
Advisor to Minister of Health and General Supervisor of ICT, Dr. Mohammed AL Yumni, assured that they've consulted all people related to "E-Health" both insiders and outsiders. This took place before presenting it to the Minister to accredit the national strategy for e-health.
Dr. AL Yumni said, that the strategy is a plan in which the hugest projects of it will be implemented during the first five years in order to accomplish the project of having an e-health file in all health care providers, finding e-services, reviewing financial and administrational regulations, providing systems and reports of health information and x-rays scans information and exchanging medical opinion electronically among the Kingdoms provinces. 

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