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Dr. Al Hawasi: Open " Methods of Applying Health Insurance - Challenges and Solutions
31 October 2010
General Administration of Health Insurance of the Ministry of Health has recently organized a meeting for the Ministry hospitals directors that apply health Insurance .The meeting was under the title of "Methods of Applying Health Insurance - Challenges and Solutions" in the presence of Ministry of Health Executive Affairs Deputy, Dr. Mansour Al Hawasi.
The aim of this meeting is to emphasize the importance of the role of the Ministry of Health hospitals in providing health services for insurance card holders, especially that the need of these hospitals increases in a daily bases. That is due to the lack of private sector hospitals in many of the kingdom cities, which adds moral responsibility towards the commitment of providing health services to insurance card holders wherever he is.
Dr. AL Hawasi confirmed in his speech the important role of these hospitals in offering health services for insurance card holders, where it got the Ministry's support due to that. That is especially in the coming phase, where health insurance expands constantly. The continued implementation of health insurance is a strategic path for the Ministry of Health and the Council of Health Insurance considering it as an important health strategy.
On his part, General Director of Health Insurance, Mr. Fahd bin jalawi stressed on the prominent role played by the Ministry's hospitals for insurance card holders, in a humanitarian aspect providing them health service wherever they are, no matter what their nationality or job. However, on a strategic aspect, these hospitals achieve the objectives of both the health system and the Council of Health Insurance. That is when the health service is provided in places with no private sector hospitals, in which it will be difficult to obligate Non-Saudis to obtain insurance unless there is a genuine health service available in their region.

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