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Minister of Health Heads the Kingdom's Delegation in Regional Committee Meeting in Cairo
03 October 2010
The Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rabeeah, heads the Kingdom's Delegation in the 57th meeting for the Middle Eats World Health Organization Regional Committee which will be held in Cairo during the period from 3 to 6 October 2010.
The Saudi Delegation includes each of: Deputy Minster Assistance for Curative Medicine, Dr. Zyad Bin Ahmed Meemish, International Affairs General Supervisor, Dr. Taha Mlibary, Makkah's Health Affair General Director, DR Khaled Bin Abead Thafar, Riyadh's Health Affair General Director, Dr. Adnan Al Abdul Kareem and Anti Aids Program Manager, Dr. Sana Mustafa flemban and Rashid Bin Othman AL Rashid.   
A number of health issues and reports will be discussed and viewed during this meeting, such as the Regional manager Annual Report for 2009 regarding World Health Organization work in the Middle East, which includes a Eliminating Polio Progress Report and Tobacco Free Initiative.
In addition of achieving Millennium development objectives and upgrading Primary Health Care System.
As for technical discussion, the Meeting will address the strategic plans which aim to enhance Health Care financing in the Middle East (Target Period 2011-2015). In addition of introducing a number of technical papers as Mother, child and teenagers Psychological Health (Challenges and Strategic Goals  for 2010-2015), Nutrition Regional Strategy (2010-2019), Health Sector Respond towards HIV Regional Strategy and infection control and prevention in Health Care Facilities (2010-2015).
Moreover, Dr. Faisal Bin Abdul Rahiem Saheen will be granted Dr. Ali Tawfiq Shosha Institution 2010 Award during the Meeting. In addition of granting Dawn Syndromes Researches Reward to each of Dr. Huda Abdullah Al Qattan, form the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Sabah Z'amah Tyal from Morocco.

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