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Minister of Health: Discuss Strategy Final Draft, Financial Resources
27 October 2010
Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz AL Rabeeah have headed the 3rd meeting of the International Advisory Council, which was held for two continues days. Where the first day was set to discuss the final draft of the strategic plan; which will be implemented through the next 10 years.
Experts have reviewed the strategy's final draft that came in harmony with the health care strategy that has been approved by Council of Ministers resolution no. (320) dated. (17/9/1430). The strategy aims to accredit the comprehensive and integrated health care methodology, and to implement it practically through the national project for complete and comprehensive health care. The project was presented to the King who recommended considering the project a reference to the Ministry of Health to refer to in all of its future plans with the consideration of the educational and research aspect, laying the foundations of the institutional work ethics, rising the quality standards, hiring qualified staff, developing human resources and improving e-health and data systems.
On the second day of the meeting, the council discussed the aspects related to health services financial resources and the best choices to reduce heath expenses according to the King's directions. For example, choices related to health insurance, programs directed to study the role of cooperation health insurance and how to include new levels of the community in it. The strategy also includes a future vision about what the Ministry's hospitals would look like in the future in terms of specializing and the perfect methods of management and activation under the principles of the Ministry's economics, cost calculating, financial resources diversifying and the perfect usages of it; in addition to heath care economics implementation and ways of financing them. 
The International Advisory Council members are (The Ministry of Health Planning and Development Deputy, Dr. Mohammad Khusheim / Executive Affairs Deputy Minister, Dr.  Mansour Al Hawasi / Ministry of Health for Preventive Medicine Assistant Deputy, Dr. Ziad Memish / President of the Royal College of Physicians, Dr. Andrew Padmos – Canada / Executive General Manager of Clevlan hospital ,Dr. Delos Kozgrun – America / Head of Department of Anesthesiology in Montreal Children's Hospital, Dr. Bruno Bisont – Canada/ Consultant General Surgeon, former Director of Khalifa Medical City, Dr. John Gay - United Arab Emirates / Former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Dalhousie University, Dr. Jobd Rudy – Canada / Professor of Health Administration at University of Oklahoma , Dr. Stephen walston - United States / Executive Director of the Kingston University Hospital , Dr. Peter Gellen – Canada / Professor of Global Health of Harvard University , Dr. Jamison were / President of the Oncology Center at the University of New South Wales, Dr. David Morris – Australia / Deputy Executive Director - Detroit Medical Complex  ,Dr. Fouad Bfion – America / Former Minister of Health in the province of Montreal ,Dr. Philip Cuellar – Canada / Consultant Anesthetist , Former Health Adviser at the French embassy in Riyadh, Dr. Philip Aubrey )
Moreover, the Ministry of Health is going to follow the modern medical methodology under the strategic plan by providing heath care services. The methodologies are based on the fact that the patient is the center of the health system not a part of it. This means that health services system evolves around providing the health requirements in the right time and place, starting with the initial health care to the specialized curative services. Many documents, studies and specialized researches were taken into consideration, in addition to many interviews, workshops, notes and suggestions from different organizations.

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