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Dr. Memish: Conference Results and Recommendations will be Beneficial this Hajj
26 October 2010
Ministry of Health for Preventive Medicine Deputy, International Mass Gathering Medicine Conference Head, Dr. Ziad Memish asserted that the results and recommendations of the conference, which was attended by 500 specialists and 35 speakers, will be beneficial in this Hajj season.
Dr. Memish stated in a press conference today after announcing the conference final recommendations that some experts didn't have the chance to speak but they have enriched the discussions through the last three days by their information and experiences and exchanging expertise with the participants which will improve the expertise as well as the outcomes which will be reflected on this year and the coming ones.
Regarding the plan of the Ministry of Health to teach mass gatherings medicine or health, Minister of Health has delegated this task to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties which will analyse it from all aspects and come up with recommendations that will set a strategy to be approved.
During the conference sessions, many offers were presented. The offers were specialized in preventing disease infection during the seasons that are related to human gatherings. In addition, many worksheets related to health measurements and their implementation including health awareness and how to spread it among pilgrims in different languages in a fast and correct way.
Dr. Memish stated that Mass Gatherings Medicine Conference focused on the necessity of the electronic communication among international organizations that are specialized in worldwide diseases and according to them health measurements are set to prevent the disease from reaching the crowd. Continues cooperation in exchanging expertise with international centers, and organizations regarding Hajj season is very important to reach all governmental sectors goals, which is a successful Hajj season.
The conference was preceded by organization committee meetings, which lasted for six months, attended by representatives from all kingdom wide health sectors and different governmental and academic sectors, which was the main cause of the conference success. 
Moreover, he stressed that the Kingdom is working on detecting H1N1 by examining people with flu symptoms .In addition, he mentioned WHO announcement that showed the reduction in the epidemic rate. Respiratory infections and other viruses spread increasingly in human gatherings stressing the importance of taking seasonal influenza vaccine and all preventative measurements when going to Hajj especially wearing masks in crowded areas.

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