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Dr. Tony: Call for Establishing International Mass Gatherings Organization
26 October 2010
The Director General of Health Affairs and Intervention-Emergencies in British Columbia District in Vancouver, Canada, Dr. Tony Hamburi, noted the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz initiative to call for holding an international Mass Gatherings Conference.
The first conference that includes experts from all over the world to discuss mass gatherings issues and benefit from the Kingdom's experience in this aspect.  She demanded the world to establish an international mass gatherings organization that is not exclusive to health aspects but also includes other aspects like security, fighting terrorism and epidemic diseases rumors and disasters. Dr. Hamburi indicated that health is part of safety and vice versa, and the world safety future falls under all of these concepts.
Moreover, Dr. Hamburi is thrilled about participating in such a conference in the Kingdom by sharing its expertise, specially that Canada had experienced organizing the Olympics. She has also praised the Saudi model experience in managing mass gatherings in Hajj, clarifying that human gathering whether it's in makkah or any other city in the world includes different factors related to public health, security, providing services and controlling infectious diseases that transmit due to the jam. In addition, she praised the efforts done to enhance the health sector capacity in the holy places and gathering areas which was stated in the conference. 

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