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Arab League Expert Call for International Health Awareness Centre
26 October 2010
Arab League expert called for establishing international Arab health awareness and education centre in cooperation with the Ministers of Health of the Arab League. Arab League Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Dr. Sema Buhooth, emphasized the importance of adding health awareness as a subject to the Curriculums of educational institutions, schools and universities. That is due to the importance of awareness in controlling diseases and epidemics and building the body and the mind, producing a healthy community that serves the country. She stressed also on focusing on health awareness and coordinating between Ministries of Health and Information through launching initiatives under this concept.
However, the fundamentals of the International Health Awareness Centre are to face unjustified scary health rumours as soon as possible, and to focus on broadcasting accurate information about diseases transmission to the world.
Dr. Buhooth clarified that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia followed in the last Hajj season an unprecedented media strategy in facing swine flu and rumours that were spread to scare people and prevent them from going to Hajj. The Kingdom handled the event from different aspects especially the media awareness in Hajj.
Moreover, she indicated that Arab League emphasizes that the health awareness subject is an important factor in facing any case. Many ideas and scientific visions in the media awareness field were presented as a strategic choice of facing fatal diseases in the Mass Gatherings Conference especially in the roundtable discussion, which included 15 ministers and experts. She also promised that she will present all of the conference ideas and visions to the Arab League and discuss them at the upcoming Ministerial Council for Youth, Media and Education. 
Minister of Culture and Information, Dr. Abdul Aziz Khoja, supported establishing health and awareness media centre that was represented by Dr. Buhooth. he stated that he is welling to cooperate with the Arab League regarding this subject  due to the realization of the importance of health awareness for the community in general .In addition world health organizations should contribute in this matter in order to spread an accurate and clear message to the whole world.  

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