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Although the Intensity of Heat the Kingdom has Taken all Precautionary Measures to Protect
25 October 2010
The International Conference of human crowds and people mass medicine, which was sponsored by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz of its meetings this morning at Hilton Jeddah where the start of the conference session entitled / general health of the crowds of HIV / moderated by Dr. Yuri Nicolai.
Speaking at the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Abdul Razak Botchama, cleared the issue / sunstroke among the crowds / in which he explained that blows of the sun is one of the medical emergencies, and serious common during hot weather, especially in the seasons of Hajj as a result of exposure to direct or indirect sunlight, which makes the body fails to maintain the degree of natural body heat causing a sharp rise in temperature at its natural state, and ultimately lead to the incidence of stroke is a sudden the sun damage to brain cells may occur permanent disability or death.
He pointed out that sunstroke differs in degrees between light, medium and severe and the most serious acute which prejudice the substantial functions of the body that requires rapid intervention for the treatment of injury, and patient care on an ongoing basis until the situation stabilizes and the return of the body's functions to normal, which it is focused on by those working in the health sector in Acute cases of sunstroke in contrast to mild cases that are treated to the patient in a lighter scale.
Dr Abdul Razak prolonged that the long exposure to the warm strong sun causes almost a complete semi stopping for the work of the organization of the heat in the body system, leading to a disruption in the body coolness and reaching a warm body system up to 40 degrees or more and lack of the ability to sweat because of this heat causing dry skin and membranes mucous and heat storage in the body which ultimately leads to the death of neurons in the brain and leads to permanent disabilities or death.
The pilgrimage of the seasons can be measured by the incidence of sunstroke considerably especially appropriate religious in the exposed and exposure to the Sun can be directly, and long periods of time and movement of pilgrims and their movements between Makkah and the Holy mosque as everyone knows is slowly which aggravate the problem of sunstroke and makes the high numbers.
Abdul Rzaak stressed that suffering stress by the pilgrims and the large loss of water and salts in hot weather leads to an increase in density and viscosity of blood, and this in turn leads to infection thrombus in the coronary arteries and the arteries of the brain, and this threat has increased with the presence of a hardening of the arteries of patients with heart disease, diabetes and the elderly, and increased incidence of congestive heart failure and angina pectoris have.
As shown that the global statistics show the death of 48 thousand people a year around the world from strikes of the sun, and most of these cases are not reported for infection by the patient or his family or delays in the transfer of patient to health care centers and the lack of some health centers, or their inability to deal with such cases, especially in poor countries.
A number of forms and reports that explain precautions handling devices on the safety of pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, with crowds of large  human and finding solutions to the problem of heat stroke among this crowds, and was the start of the year 1996 through the collection of information and coordination between the official bodies in and cooperation among them to monitor cases of heatstroke and reducing the risk of infection and exposure to them from year to year, which led to a clear reduction and reduced the number of cases among the pilgrims among the pilgrims.
He noted carefully the devices in the Kingdom to develop their performance in the service of pilgrims and ensuring their safety in the first place, through the establishment of centers for the treatment of the incidence of strikes, the sun and other injuries, especially if we take into account the significant increase in the number of pilgrims from year to year, stressing the need and the importance of educating the pilgrims before they departure their countries to perform the pilgrimage, and make them aware of the risks that may be exposed to it during this season. After that Dr. Robert Stephen talked on the subject / groups death among the crowds mass of HIV / he referred to infectious diseases are not the primary cause of the high number of deaths in the world, especially among the large crowds, but there are other reasons he mentioned wars and natural disasters, terrorism and the environment in which the human lives in.
And the spokesman supported his words by some events that happened during significant mortality due to human populations and another in the Kenyan capital Nairobi during a football match during the scramble, that led to killing 13 spectators and other appropriate in Germany was during one of the festivals and led to the death of 21 people due to overcrowding.
Dr. Stephen has moved to talk about natural disasters that effects countries of the world each year and the enormous numbers of dead left by these disasters, and the consequences of it, and he lacked in his speech the catastrophe that hit Pakistan. Recent devastating floods caused the deaths of a large number of lives and hurricanes experienced by several countries in East Asia per year and heavy rains that accompany it.
He referred to another type of the causes of mass deaths which infectious diseases and chronic non-communicable diseases, which increases the incidence and mortality in the less developed countries because of malnutrition, and the spread of epidemics due to lack of health services and medical care, unlike members of the developed countries whose populations have better nutrition and living standards and better health care.
Dr. Stephen speech included deaths from traffic accidents and predicted height reference main reason for this increased number of motor vehicle ownership and use as a result of economic growth in low-income countries and the Mediterranean.
There was a study by the World Health Organization data and information available from the States to the outlook for the actual pathogens of the large mortality in the world and the application of those trends that are drawn on the developing countries to reduce the high number of deaths, especially during large human populations.

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