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The Kingdom Achieved Highest Sucsess Degree in the Pilgrimage Season Last Hajj
25 October 2010
An expert in the United Nations confirmed at the level of the countries of the world, that no country in the world manages the human crowds and gatherings at this level on an annual basis, and accumulated experience in the seasons Hajj and Umrah gave the Kingdom a global dimension in the management of the crowds for what it owns of experience, and being inefficient in this area.
Dr. Sala Yanoya the representative of the United Nations, said that on the level of the world in South Africa to participate in the International Conference, and pediatric of human crowds mass and gatherings, hosted by the Kingdom under the auspices of the Custodian of the two holy mosques, and the participation of 500 specialists and experts and 30 spokesmen. The International Conference was able to bring together experts from different countries of the world and all competent expert or put up or a spokesman in the experience of the country in question, which came from, side by side with Saudi experience accumulated.
She added that the countries of the world including South Africa during the last World Cup that was last hosted by it, benefit a lot of experience from Saudi Arabia. The simple reason is that there is no State that manages the crowd in this annual level and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it contains the "quiblah" of Muslims.
She confirmed that the Kingdom has reached this level of experience in managing the human mass gatherings after a series of experiments that the Connect to the upper limit in the management of human populations especially last year, which saw the success rate of 100% in the face of these communities and keep people coming from 160 countries.
She noted that the experts participating in this conference were briefed on these challenges, and the solutions reached by the Saudis for the management of human populations and the human gathering mass, and the rush of waves of humanity.
The international expert at the United Nations referred that South Africa presented at this conference, and explained to the attendees with the support and technical support obtained by the South African from the World Health Organization during the World Cup in South Africa.
She said South Africa was the first African country for the first time in history, embracing the World Cup and we were aware that the time period that witnessed the World Cup there will be nearly 3 million people so it was necessary, we must protect these people both at the domestic level or coming from abroad.
She said we as agents operating in the United Nations we had to help South Africa to protect persons not coming from abroad, including the people of South Africa's from the health security and social and economic development has helped South Africa to recognize, and identify diseases including infectious diseases, or are in the same period of time , which was held in this tournament, the United Nations were represented at the World Health Organization, which operates under its umbrella to provide 3 million and 500 thousand doses to provide a vaccine for swine flu, along with the organization of movement in and out through various outlets in South Africa's land, air and sea, and to provide requirements health requirements vaccine-related Mandatory and non- Mandatory, as well as providing them with brochures and educational information so as to be familiar with what is happening in South Africa, like the status in terms of health and infection to communicate with the outside world to keep the outside world aware of what is happening in South Africa during this tournament.
She explained that the human populations that Saudi Arabia is a pioneer in the hosted managed to bring together experts and stakeholders to share and exchange information and to participate in ideas and learning from the experiences of others, including the experience of the Kingdom's leading Hajj and Umrah seasons.
She explained that through this conference we have to believe that there should be a list of the establishment of research and training center to study the management of crowds of human mass so we can make this place the crucible feeds all the information and data and thus take advantage of that information and data resulting from this place to manage the crowds of human as well as the This conference will be held every two years because of its importance.

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