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Dr. Al Hawasi: The Conference is an Opportunity to Follow the Kingdom's Experience in Hajj
23 October 2010
Executive Affairs Deputy Minister, Dr. Mansour Al Hawasi, confirmed that the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, for the International Conference "Mass Gathering Impact on Public Health" held by the Ministry of Health during the period October 23-25 2010 in Jeddah, embody the King and Crown Prince unlimited and continuous dedication to providing high quality services to pilgrims, which reflects the Ministry's commitment to present preventative and curative health services in all its facilities in Hajj areas and ports.
Dr. AL Hawasi said that this Conference came along with the Ministry's dedication to provide the needed health services for Pilgrims in order to facilitate their Hajj journey, where serving Hajj and Umrah performers is a great honor to the Ministry, and considered a number one priority based on a strategic plan, and different programs.  
He also added that such Conference represent one of the Ministry's strategic plans to ensure having a safe Hajj season free of epidemic and contagious diseases. the Conference highlights many important aspects such as applying the concept of "Prevention is Better than Cure", preventing the entrance of epidemic diseases, controlling contagious diseases spread during and after Hajj season, and implementing Hajj Health Requirements. The Conference also aims to introduce and benefit from previous scientific and practical experiences in such field, which enhance the taken health procedures effectiveness during Hajj and Umrah season. in addition of presenting the Kingdom's unique experience since it controls more than 1 million Pilgrims in the same time and place. 
Furthermore, Dr. Al Hawasi added that such Conference is considered a suitable opportunity to introduce and discuss the Kingdom's successful experience in Hajj, where it will be the first to be presented on the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rabeeah, with the presence of more than 12 Ministers of GCC, America, Europe and Middle East. In addition, the presence of World Health Organization General Manager, and League of Arab States.

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