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Dr.Khusheim: The Conference Embodies Government's Dedication to Pilgrims Safety
21 October 2010
The Ministry of Health Planning and Development Deputy, Dr. Mohammad bin Hamza Khusheim said that holding the International Conference "Mass Gathering Impact on Public Health" held by the Ministry of Health during the period October 23-25 2010 in Jeddah, following the orders of the King and Crown Prince to enhance all the preventative arrangements while hosting the pilgrims to protect them from all diseases.  
He added that this Conference came within the Government's dedication that is presented by the Ministry to provide the needed human and material capabilities to achieve the safety of pilgrims through the cooperation of all administrations and governmental bodies including the Ministry of Health. 
Dr.Khusheim assured that the Ministry has completed the conference preparations through deferent preparation committees, which will be attended by General Director of Health at WHO, Margaret Chan and Health Ministers of United States, and some Arab and European countries like Germany and Lebanon, and GCC countries in addition to WHO Middle East Regional Manager, the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, General Secretary of GCC and Arab League General Secretary Assistant. The importance of the conferences resembles in the fact that it combines the most significant specialists, and consultants in the world especially in the field of epidemic diseases.
Moreover, more than 500 participants will participate in the conference, where 30 of them are international experts who represent Ministry of Health of America and German, World Health Organization, United States Centres for Disease Control, Arab University ,GCC Health Ministers, World Association of Travel, the Islamic Bank and FIFA in addition to distinguished scientific participations from local governmental sectors like Hajj Higher Committee, Hajj Central  Committee, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Hajj, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and Culture, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Transportation, Saudi Red Crescent Authority, the General Authority of Civil Aviation, King Fahd Centre for Hajj Researches and Saudi universities.

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