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Dr. AL Suhaimi: No Limits for Our Government's Ambitions
20 October 2010
Security Forces Hospital Program General Manager, Dr. Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz AL Suhaimi said that there are a lot of social, political, and sport events around the world that causes human gatherings in specific times and places. Governments and specialized organizational, and security organizations are trying to set appropriate plans to deal with these gatherings based on their experiences and abilities. 
Dr. AL Suhaimi stressed in his statement on the occasion of the global conference about the influence of human gatherings on public health, which will be held next week in Jeddah, that The Kingdom has the most sacred Islamic cities in the world, facing a unique human gathering due to the enormous numbers of Muslims, where Hajj and Omra's unified ceremonies, and transportations are done in a specific time and place. In addition to the variety of nationalities, cultures and levels of awareness and health in their countries.    
He also clarified that these gatherings will probably have negative health, social, political and security consequences. The Government has managed to control them, which was very impressive due to its dedication in the various fields. This kind of conferences reflects a sophisticated strategic planning, where all the local and international expertise combine to be studied by governments, institutions and organizations. The purpose of this conference is to be able to understand the consequences of human gatherings and to set scientific and practical strategies to achieve having safe gatherings around the world.
Dr. AL Suhaimi thanked The Ministry of Health for holding this significant conference, which indicates its continues efforts in improving pilgrims health services, and benefiting from the global expertise, especially that it was attended by health leaderships and expertise from around the world. 

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