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Dr. Al Mazro'a: MOH Provides a Wide Range of Preventative Services
19 October 2010
The General Secretary of Health Services Council, Dr. Yaqoub Al Mazro'a clarified that pilgrims from all over the world are considered number one priority to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the Kingdom is dedicated to provide all the needed procedures to ease their Hajj journey as soon as they arrive at any of the kingdom's air, land and maritime portals since it recruits all of the needed workforces and equipments. The Ministry of Health is considered the main responsible sector of such an event, supported by other health sectors of National Guard, Ministry of Defense and Aviation, and Ministry of Interior.
The Ministry's job is extended to cover all over the kingdom every year as soon as the first pilgrim arrives in the beginning of Thul Qida until the last one departure at the end of Muhram.
Dr. Yaquob stated in a press release on the occasion of the Mass Gathering Conference, which will be held in Jeddah next week, that the Ministry will provide a wide range of health services which includes preventative services at the portals in order to assure that the pilgrims follow the kingdom's health requirements that all of the concerned countries and international organizations are informed of, especially World Health Organization. In addition of providing preventative services that includes vaccines and treatments. This dedication extends to cover the preventative aspect throughout the period that the pilgrims will be in Makkah, Medina  and Holy places that is to avoid having any epidemic cases, and to be able to deal with such cases when occurs. He also notified that the kingdom has succeeded throughout the last decades in assuring a safe hajj season where that the Ministry played a distinguished role in handling all of the worldwide epidemics such as Meningitis in Africa, A(H1N1) and other epidemics. Pointing out that the kingdom's experience in this field is considered study-worthy and beneficial due to the time and place conditions, which are considered exceptional and needs special decisions and procedures in order to deal with such epidemics. The kingdom represented by the Ministry of Health with the support of other health sectors managed to implement the required procedures professionally, resulting a safe hajj season to protect pilgrims and citizens health. 

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