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Qasim Health Projects Bed Capacity Reaches 1100 Beds
13 October 2010
Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz AL Rabeeah, stated that more than one billion seven hundred and seventeen million riyals were allocated for a number of health projects in Al Qasim with 1100 bed capacity. Theses projects includes vital health projects such as building and developing hospitals (i.e. Burydah Mental Health and Rehabilitation Hospital, Nubhanya Hospital, Diabetes Centre in King Fahd Specialized Hospital, AL Qowr'a Hospital, Eyoon Al Jwa'a Hospital, a Medical Tower in Burydah Central Hospital and King Saud Hospital in Anyzah).
This budget includes supporting hospitals infrastructures and expanding Clinics, ER, ICU and Kidney Dialysis Departments in deferent health facilities. In addition of establishing Primary Health Care Centers, equipping and furnishing a number of hospitals, such as Al Bada'e Hospital, AL Bekeriah Hospital, Dental Centre, Medical Store for Al Russ General Hospital, developing King Fahd Specialized Hospital infrastructure, al Mothanub General Hospital and AL Bekeriah Hospital). this statement came after the Minster visitation to Health Facilities in AL Qasim which lasted for two days accompanied by a number of Minster Deputies and General Mangers.        
Dr. Al Rabeeah confirmed that our leadership dedication and commitment to develop Health Care Services, and applying the Ministry's strategic plan will be a reality. And considered as a quantum leap in health services quality provided to patients. Dr. Al Rabeeah added that more than 70% of Health Centers were provided with new medical equipments where 2 of the most important hospitals in AL Qasim were granted (CBAHI) Certificates for 3 years, which is considered a great motive for other hospitals. His Excellence added that AL Qasim is receiving a great encouragement from his Royal Highness, AL Qasim Prince, Bandar Bin Abdul Aziz, and Royal Highness Prince, Dr. Faisal Bin Mesh'al Bin Abdul Aziz.
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