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Media Report on the Occasion of Mental Health Global Day, 10 October 2010
12 October 2010
World Mental Health Day is annually held on October 10 to raise public awareness about mental health issues worldwide. This event promotes open discussions on illnesses, as well as investments in prevention and treatment services.
Information and Health Awareness Centre in the Ministry of Health issued a report on this occasion. This report highlights Mental Health Global Day objectives which brings attention to the mental health of people with chronic diseases. Such awareness plays a major role in helping patients to accept their health status, reducing financial costs due to their health degradation, stressing on the connection between physical and mental health, spotting the light on the importance of mental health as part of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care, providing the opportunity to exchange related researches and experiences in this field, activating global cooperation among concerned sectors in regard of Public and Mental Health, enhancing Mental and Social Associations to support mental diseases patients, spread awareness of society and family role in helping such patients and pointing out the economic impact and therapy high costs resulted from neglecting mental health care, which leads to physical health problems.     
An earlier report, issued by World Health Organization, pointed out that Mental disorders affect nearly 12 percent of the world’s population- about 450 million people. Such disorders causes 13% year lost in a person's life and may increased to 15% annually in 2010.  
Mental Health Global Day was first celebrated in 1992 at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental health organization with members and contacts in more than 150 countries. The celebration of this Global Day will be under the logo "Enhancing Well Being and Public Health by Integrated Health Care" by bringing attention to the importance of Mental Health support to control chronic diseases and upgrading life style for individuals and society. 

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