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Ministry of Health clarified That Pandemic Influenza Status is Secure
11 October 2010
The Ministry of Health announced that Pandemic Influenza Status is Secure and assured the continuous monitoring of this disease status in addition of registering such cases in health facilities and investigates respiratory infections causes where medication is given based on virus type according to World Health Organization recommendations in regard of dealing with Pandemic Influenza as seasonal flu since the recede of the disease spread. 
Moreover, Contagious Diseases National scientific Committee continued its meetings in this regard and stressed on the importance of dealing with this disease as normal seasonal flue with no need to announce the number of infected people and should be monitored for scientific reasons only.      
Latest reports were introduced by World Health Organizations where infected cases are still occurring with limited H1N1 virus spread in New Zealand, Chile, India, China and Thailand. The Committee discussed local periodical reports in order to observe this disease in the Kingdom were three death cases due to this disease were registered in KSA. Therefore, the Committee recommended the concerned health sectors to continue enhancing preventative procedures and public health in mass gatherings, in addition of providing seasonal flue vaccinations as a preventative procedure, activating epidemic monitoring in hospitals and primary health care centers and providing the needed medication for respiratory viral diseases (Tami flue). The Committee also recommended giving Meningitis as prerequisite for those who whishes to perform Hajj for this year.      
Moreover, the Committee advised citizens and residents to follow safe health requirements and medical instructions for their own health and safety, such as washing hands with water and soup and use tissue when sneezing. 

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