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 Total swine flu deaths rises to 9
15 August 2009
MOH has announced one more death case out of swine flu. The victim, a 33 years old Saudi male, has been admitted to a hospital in Riyadh on Tuesday 13/08/1430, where his case has been diagnosed as swine flu. He was given the regular swine flu medication, but he couldn't respond to the treatment. He eventually died on 18/08/1430, may his soul rest in peace. The case raises the total H1N1 death toll to 9, but according to MOH, though the epidemic is spreading fast as detected by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, its severity is still moderate. Its mortality rate in the Kingdom is still within the international level.
MOH has urged all citizens and residents to abide by the announced precautionary measures recommended by specialized committees in line with the directives of the World Health Organization. Care must be taken in crowded and closed areas and masks used in highly crowded areas. Hands must be washed thoroughly by water and soap and both the nose and mouth covered during coughing or sneezing.
According to the relative MOH statement, people with swine flu symptoms are advised to stay in home. They have to consult the nearest medical facility in case of steady rising of body temperature for more than 3 days, bloody sputum, or chest pain.

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