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Second swine flue death case recorded
01 August 2009
MOH has recorded the second swine flue death case in the Kingdom. The victim, a female Indonesian 28 years old resident, has been admitted to Dammam Central Hospital on Monday July 27, 2009, where her case has been diagnosed as swine flue.  She has been given the usual medication provided in such cases, but her health worsened till she died on Thursday July 30, 2009, at 9:00am, may her soul rest in peace. 
MOH has reaffirmed in a statement on the case its remark that occurrence of a death case is predictable taken into consideration the swift spreading of the disease throughout the world. The mortality rate from the current swine flue epidemic is still low compared to the mortality occurring from the normal flue virus.
The media will be provided with all information regarding the developments of the epidemic in the Kingdom and the whole public is urged to abide by the announcements issued by MOH.
A free toll phone number (8002494444) has been allotted for answering the queries relative to the epidemic and providing the public with the precautions taken by MOH fro controlling it.

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