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Swine flue case referred to Medical Breaches Committee
01 August 2009
In response to the occurrence of the first swine flue death case in the Kingdom and the concerns surrounding the current swine flue pandemic at both local and international levels, MOH has formed a fact finding committee under the direct follow up of the minister of health Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah to look into the circumstances that lead to the case.
The committee, following a visit to the private hospital where the case occurred and contacting the victim's relatives, has reached a convincement that the whole case must be referred to the MOH Medical Breaches Committee in the Eastern Province for ensuring commitment of the relative hospital to the policies and procedures set by MOH for dealing with the epidemic. A detailed report will then be raised to MOH and the case might be referred to the Legal Medical Committee if necessary. The media will be briefed on all developments relative to the epidemiology of the disease in the Kingdom and the measures taken.

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