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New minister of health assumes office
16 February 2009
The minister of health Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rabeeah has assumed office today Monday Feb 16, 2009 following his appointment as minister of health.
He held a meeting with the MOH deputy high officials where he reviewed work progress. He urged all MOH top officials to work as one team to provide the best possible services and win the satisfaction of the patient.
Following the meeting he received congratulations from the attendants in lead of whom was the former minister of health Dr. Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Mane.
Dr. Al-Rabeeah provided a brief speech on the occasion in which he praised the great efforts exerted by his predecessor Dr. Hamad Al-Mane. "I know Dr. Al-Mane before his appointment as minister of health", he told the attendants. "We have been friends sine a long time and I would like to tell you that my responsibility in following his huge legacy is great".
He said there are nearly 150,000 employees at the ministry of health, whose dedicated services are required to win the satisfaction pf patients. "If they are dissatisfied, all of us take the blame for it", he said.
He said he would continue to lead surgical operations for separating conjoined twins. "I will find time to participate in the separation surgery which has benefited people from all parts of the world", he said.
Following his speech, Dr. Al-Mane congratulated the new minister, saying Dr. Al-Rabeeah is not a stranger to the health sector. "He is the right man to follow in the same track started by the first minister of health His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah bin Faisal Al-Saud", he said. 

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