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Mb statements don’t represent Shura opinion, says Shura Asse
13 July 2008
Commenting on the statements circulated by the local press, in which some of the Shura Assembly Mbs criticized the health sector, the Shura Assembly Director General of Public Relations and Media Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Osman Al-Sagheer said the statements do not represent the opinion of the assembly. He said the assembly issues its decisions following sufficient discussions and voting in accordance with a constitutional mechanism that confirms the right of free expression for each member. A responsible official who demanded anonymity said the statements attributed to Dr. Al-Twairqi expresses his own opinion. "In such cases the concerned member is called for an investigatory meeting in presence of the assembly speaker", he said.
Some statements which have been circulated by the local media included criticisms to the health sector during a session for reviewing the financial reports for the years 1425-1426 and 1426-1427 as well as King Khalid Ophthalmology Hospital annual report for the year 1426-1427. Following a detailed discussion of the obstacles confronting the health sector, the Committee of Health Affairs and Environment at the Shura Assembly recommended offering the Ministry of Health more financial allocations and health jobs for enabling it to put into effect the directives of the Royal Court in its telegram No. 1879-MB, dated 10/03/1427, which includes unification of salaries at government and specialized hospitals, allowing national medical staff to work outside loyalty to their government works, etc. 

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