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MOH issues health alert on Noni Haiti
09 April 2008
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has issued a statement whereby all citizens and residents have been warned of using Noni Haiti, a preparation used as a general energizer and a treatment for many diseases as shown by its promotional pamphlets.
The statement said the preparation has been advertised as if it is a cure for all diseases, whereas tests carried out at the MOH Central Lab for Medicines and Foods have failed to proof any medical benefits for its usage.
The statement clarified that the preparation is a dense brown liquid that yields a strong undesired smell. No alcohol has been detected in the preparation which is derived from the juice of a fruit of a plant known scientifically as Morinda citrifollia. Its place of origin is Tahiti, from which it has been distributed to the different parts of the world.
The preparation is of no medical benefit so far and the American Food and Drug Association has warned of marketing it as a medical preparation. Moreover, the EU Health Organization has declared that all Noni drinks are of no use from a medical point of view. 

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