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Dr. Al-Mane heads TB eradication campaign meetings
28 April 2008
The Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Mane headed yesterday at the MOH premises the meetings of the directorate generals of health affairs for reviewing TB in the Kingdom. He said the meetings are held for a noble target, i.e. eradicating TB in the Kingdom. "TB represents a great challenge to public health, but we are determined to get rid of it", he said.
He said the most TB patients came from outside the Kingdom, adding that the Kingdom is committed to offer free treatment to all patients for humanitarian and other reasons. "We are following a compact time plan for confronting the disease", he said.
According to Dr.Al-Mane, the TB eradication campaign involves a competition for selecting the directorates that declare their provinces are clear of TB, confirming that winner directorates will gain many advantages.
He said the campaign is composed of three of three major elements, namely following TB cases after treatment, opening medical registers thereof, and searching for such cases. "We will look for TB cases everywhere, in the home, in farms, on mountains, everywhere", he said. 

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