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MOH issues medical alert on certain drugs
20 April 2008
With reference to what have circulated through mobile messages and websites that certain drugs drugs, namely Panadol Cold & Flue, Advil Cold, Sinusclarinas, and Flutab, may cause death due to a chemical constituent that elevates heart beat, the Ministry of Health would like to confirm that such information is scientifically baseless. MOH has already issued a medical alert on what have previously been circulated through some websites and mobile messages on the same issue.
Therefore, MOH would like to clarify that the MOH Drug Registration Committee has scrutinized the issue, consulted FDA and EMEA and other international organizations, and accordingly recommended acceptance of the above drugs due to lack of any scientific excuses prohibiting their usage. Moreover, MOH has urged relative drug companies to include the necessary precautions to the usage guidelines of such drugs.
MOH would like to make it clear that whenever it requires to recall any drug from the markets, it usually declares that through its website as well other official channels. It is, therefore, of great importance to deal with all such groundless information with utmost care. MOH has allotted a toll free phone line, namely 8002494444, for any relative enquiries. Contacts can also be made through our official website  

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