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SPS organizes workshop on pharmaceutical care
26 March 2008
The Saudi Pharmaceutical Society (SPS), represented by the Continuous Education Committee (CEC), shall organize a workshop under the title (Methods of Applying Pharmaceutical Care in Hospitals) in cooperation with the Pharmaceutical Care Department of Prince Salman Hospital in Riyadh. The workshop which is to be held at the main lecture room of Prince Salman Hospital on Thursday 19/03/1429, from 8:00am to 3:00pm, is acknowledged by the Saudi Commission of Health Specialties. The workshop lectures will delivered by three pharmaceutical care specialists.
The CEC head pharmacist Khalaf bin Ali Al-Jum'a called upon all pharmacists to attend the workshop which will deal with the latent findings in pharmaceutical care.
He said the importance of the workshop emerges from the fact that the concept of pharmaceutical care has been introduced to the local pharmaceutical society in the late 1990s. Discussions have been under way since then on the obstacles confronting its application, especially the need of pharmaceutical practitioners to more training on the recent concepts of pharmaceutical care and the practical methods of its application.
Finally pharmacist Al-Jum'a extended his gratitude to the manager of Prince Salman Hospital, its Medical Manager, and pharmacist Maha Al-Yahia, head Department of Pharmacist Care, for their generous support in preparing for the workshop.
It is worth stating here that the workshop shall be repeated in Dammam, Buraida, and Al-Madeenah Al-Munawarah. Contact may be made to the SPS telephone No. 4675575 or its website for more information.  

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